About Sacred Support Publishing llc

Sacred Support Publishing llc was established for the purpose of encouraging and supporting first-time Indie Authors and artists.

Our first offering is ROSETEARS : A Journey of Loving God, Loving Ourselves, and Loving Others.

Written by Theresa Wyatt Prebilsky, author and owner of Sacred Support Publishing, ROSETEARS is a soulful collection of teachings and meditations, artfully presented to stir and encourage a more authentic and loving sense of self and service.

We welcome your comments and hope you will visit the rest of our site to learn more about upcoming news and releases including Rose Petals, a sequel to ROSETEARS, to be released later this year.

We hope that you find this sacred space to be a place for good words and good works.

“We are fellow-helpers with God, co-creators in everything we do.  When Word and work are returned to their source and origin then all work is accomplished divinely in God.  And there too the soul loses itself in a Wonderful enchantment.” – Meister Eckhart