About Theresa

Theresa Wyatt Prebilsky was born in a small farming town in Illinois. She is an author, artist, spiritual director/companion, wife, friend, and fellow journeyer.

Trained through the Pecos Benedictine School of Spiritual Direction, Theresa draws from her life within Christianity as well as embracing the teachings of Zen and philosophy. She shares and does not skirt the spiritual disciplines she has found necessary to continue living the practical business of recovery, surviving loss, and moving through the natural passages of aging, and embraces the challenges and grace of a loving God.

ROSETEARS is Theresa’s first published collection of encouragement in teachings, prose, and poetry form. She continues to write, walks with others as spiritual director, is an active participant in her own recovery, and celebrates life and travel with her husband.

"I am familiar with both the war, and the grace."

"I have lived most of my life in the tension between questioning if I could ever have heart enough and faith enough to accept love. I have survived an onslaught of attacks from very real dark forces outside of myself and a slow spiritual and emotional death of my own making. Today I live beyond both and only because of the unfathomable grace of an improbable God whom I believe welcomes doubts and meets all tests with a full measure of love."-excerpt from ROSETEARS

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