Meditations to stir and encourage a more authentic and loving sense of self and service.

ROSETEARS is a soulful collection of teachings and meditations, artfully presented in prose and poetry form. Both personal and practical, Theresa shares the successes and failures of her spiritual life-journey to where she is now. And leaves the door open for tomorrow’s understanding to amend today’s.

“I am familiar with both the war, and the grace. I have lived most of my life in the tension between questioning if I could ever have heart enough and faith enough to accept love. I have survived an onslaught of attacks from very real dark forces outside of myself and a slow spiritual and emotional death of my own making. Today I live beyond both and only because of the unfathomable grace of an improbable God whom I believe welcomes doubts and meets all tests with a full measure of love.”-excerpt from ROSETEARS