Theresa Wyatt Prebilsky

author, wife, friend and fellow journeyer


A Journey of Loving God, Loving Ourselves, and Loving Others is now available! 

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Meditations to stir and encourage a more authentic and loving sense of self and service.

ROSETEARS is a soulful collection of teachings and meditations,

artfully presented in prose and poetry form.

Both personal and practical, Theresa shares the successes and failures of her spiritual life-journey to where she is now. And leaves the door open for tomorrow’s understanding to amend today’s.

“Don’t let your private pantomime make you miss the exit ramp of hope where pain has a point—where pain invites change. Because this just might be your moment of enlightenment—the crossroads of repeated drama vs healing revelation of what separates you from your Self, from your soul, from your joy.”-excerpt from ROSETEARS

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